Unique Research Paper Topic Ideas for Students

Writing a research paper requires either producing from scratch or getting motivation from a number of references. For an essay writer, the most difficult part to write an essay is to begin. But the selection of the topic even precedes the starting point.

This process takes a lot of time and that’s where our list of research paper topics will help. We have assembled the most powerful topics to turn an ordinary paper into a perfect piece of writing. You can use them as it is or can modify them according to your preference.

  1.       Why should we avoid animal testing?
  2.       Advantages and disadvantages of marijuana
  3.       Positive and negative effects of vaccines for kids
  4.       How can entry tests improve education?
  5.       How can modern technologies help the education system in the future?
  6.       Social networking at colleges
  7.       In what ways technology can help in lesson planning?
  8.       How to manage bullies at educational institutions?
  9.       How to reduce global warming?
  10.   How can overpopulation be managed?
  11.   What are the human impacts on forests?
  12.   Effects of earthquakes
  13.   Nuclear technologies should be banned
  14.   How can we predict the impacts of hurricanes?
  15.   Violent games are adversely affecting the personalities of kids
  16.   Are newspapers still being the best source of information?
  17.   What type of television shows should be banned?
  18.   Can women compete against men?
  19.   How tv programs impose fake moral standards?
  20.   Why drugs are harmful to teenagers?
  21.   Steps to stop ethnic killings
  22.   How the world would be like without wars?
  23.   Death penalty should be banned
  24.   How a college education is in line with the job market?
  25. There should be special accommodations for the disabled at the university 
  26.   Benefits of parenting and childbearing
  27.   How to control bad behaviour?
  28.   Why it is important to have professionalism for maintaining business ethics
  29.   How terrorism is affecting the worldwide trade and businesses?
  30.   How are colleges becoming business-driven?

  1.   Should women be allowed to play sports?
  2.   How it is difficult to find employment?
  3.   What is the significance of search engine optimization in today’s world?
  4.   Are we really safe from the threat of cyber crimes?
  5.   How technology can prevent terrorist attacks?
  6.   How did people like Bill Gates and Steve Jobs change the world?
  7.   What is the future of social media platforms?
  8.   How is earth climate changing?
  9.   What are the unseen tragedies of ocean pollution?
  10.   How can we reduce air pollution?
  11. What are the benefits of weight training?
  12.   How to preserve endangered species?
  13.   How to make the world a better place to live?
  14.   Should alcohol be legalized at the international level?
  15.   Laws to prevent cyber-bullying
  16.   How do abortion laws differ around the world?
  17.   Can multitasking help to produce quality work?
  18.   How to prevent sexual harassment at workplaces?

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